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About XMUN 

The world is a confusing place. Many events occur simultaneously and it is hard to understand how a change in oil prices could spark conflict between two entire nations or how an overambitious individual could dawn a 6 year long war.


XMUN provides a thrilling experience for students to debate upon some of the world's darkest conflicts and humanitarian crises. The XMUN conference is an endeavour to simulate the functions of the United Nations (UN). The perfect event to gain insight into the world around you and a chance to express your own opinion which could, believe it or not, change the world.  

In the current world, a student is required to not only excel in studies but also have great social skills to adapt to the modern working environments. Also, they need to develop leadership skills to climb the employment ladder or head their own company if they wish to enter the shrewd corporate world on their own. Either way, one must learn to develop negotiation skills and learn to speak with others to ensure that the end result suits one's circumstances the best.


A Model United Nations is a wonderful and enriching experience which gives students a glimpse of how the real world works. Delegates are required to deal with real-life dilemmas which the world is currently facing and understand a nation's foreign policy . Delegates learn the role of the United Nations and how it decides to solve these issues in the most peaceful manner and with minimal casualties. A MUN follows the exact same formalities and procedures that are followed in an official UN committee session. Delegates will be representing the assigned countries. They will be required to follow their respective nation's foreign policy and protect their nation's stance in whatever situation they are placed.


The Xenocratic Model United Nations conference is the best opportunity for new students to have an experience of the happenings and preceding of the United Nations. 


Now get ready delegates, its time to change the world ! 


The Committees and Agendas 

Further Conference details shall be updated in due time.



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